2-axle turning lifting systems

The load capacity and torque of the standard 2-axle rotary lifting systems are coordinated so that the centre of gravity of the maximum weight can be at a reasonable distance from the axis of rotation. As a rule, this is approx. 100 mm

For special cases in which the centre of gravity is significantly removed from the axis of rotation and therefore a relatively high swivel torque is required, we are also happy to offer special solutions in which columns with a lower lifting force are combined with more powerful turning drives.

Especially when handling large, bulky workpieces that are difficult to see when turning, a surface scanner is recommended to prevent damage. This switches off the system as soon as there is a risk of the workpiece being turned onto an obstacle.

We also offer cable or radio remote control as an option. This means that the operator can operate the system from any position and does not have to go to the control stand all the time.

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