Special Equipment

Wherever heavy loads are lifted and work is carried out under them, we are happy to contribute our knowledge and experience. Thanks to our large development department in the mechanical as well as in the electrical and software area, we are very well in a position to respond to special requests or to develop special devices.
Lifting and turning devices

Another important business area of Autolift are lifting and turning devices for the industrial sector. You can find detailed information on this here.

Lifting jacks for busses and trucks

Lifting systems for truck and bus maintenance as well as other heavy commercial vehicles such as construction machinery, agricultural machines and aircraft tractors are also part of the Autolift production portfolio. Sales in this field of activity are carried out by our sister company IME Light GmbH. You can find detailed information on this here.

Mobile lift Profimaster 3000

The mobile lift Profimaster 3000 enables ergonomic work in the area of bodywork and painting work on cars and vans. You can find detailed information on this here.

Machine lifter

In vehicle, machine and plant construction there are always challenging problems for lifting or manipulating heavy parts that cannot be solved well with conventional lifting equipment such as indoor cranes, forklifts or electric ants. Since in such cases it is often necessary to work under load, this is an optimal field of activity for Autolift.

A good example are special machine jacks for assembling complete vehicle ceilings on trams. The vehicle roof to be installed is held by a machine jack and the vehicle is pushed in. The machine jack then moves up and positions the component. Since people are under the load during the subsequent fixation and assembly, the self-locking lifting spindles are the perfect lifting solution.

Rotating scissor lifts

A combination of our turntables with our scissor lifts.

Car loading

Height-adjustable loading ramps are necessary for the rapid loading of cars onto ships or railway wagons. Since there are people on and under these ramps, the safety requirements are correspondingly high. This is our topic: Safe lifting of heavy loads that people are under.