AUTOLIFT GmbH – Your Specialist for mobile and stationary lifting equipments

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IME-Autolift – Railway Technologie – Lifting Equipment

As a 3rd generation family owned company, IME-Autolift is looking back on over 30 years experience in the lifting field and high, higher, highest has been our passion ever since.

From mobile lifting jacks via underfloor systems to bogie solutions and mobile manipulators we cover more or less the whole field of lifting needs in the railway industry.

Certified by the German Railways (DB) and a reliable partner of most rolling stock OEMs you will find our systems globally in the production lines of many OEMs as well as in the depots of many big and small railway companies along with metro and local transport companies.

With more than 200 finished projects globally and several thousand lifting jacks in operation Autolift is a reliable and experiences partner for all needs of railway lifting.


Our lifting systems perform their duty on all continents. In deserts like for example in Saudi Arabia, in subtropical regions like Malaysia or Thailand in the icy regions of Russia or Scandinavia but of course also more or less around the corner in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Especially if you are looking for a special-purpose solution like wireless synchronization control or completely wireless systems, if you need an explosion proof system or a unique solution where you can, fully automated, lift the wagon and lower the bogie Autolift is the right partner for you.

Please don’t forget to take a look on our mobile Manipulators (MasterLift). Based on the same technologie like your lifting jacks it is possible to work under the lifted load and they are NOT meant for just transporting parts but to aid in mounting or dismounting them.