Mobile Lifting Jacks

Mobile lifting jacks are the simplest way to safely lift rail vehicles. No construction measures are required on site at all. All that is needed is a firm, level base and the appropriate electrical supply.

Autolift currently offers lifting jacks with a lifting force of 6 to 75t per jack. With 4 jacks individual wagons can be lifted up to the heaviest locomotives. If complete trams, underground trains or articulated trains have to be lifted as a unit, any number of lifting jacks can be combined to form a system. There are no technical restrictions. Autolift ensures that all lifting jacks are raised and lowered synchronously using a sophisticated control concept and years of experience.

Currently Autolift offers mobile jacks for the following types of rail vehicles:

Types of rail vehicles

Lifting jacks for tramways

Lifting jacks for subways / metros

Lifting jacks for wagons

Lifting jacks for heavy articulated trains

Lifting jacks for locomotives

Special designs

Wireless controlled lifting jacks

Wireless Master/Slave Units

Double spindle lifting jacks

Battery powered jacks

Adjusting the lifting arm under load