The state railway company ONCF Morocco Railways is the largest public transport provider in Morocco with a 3.815 km long route network. 64% of the route network is electrified and the Tangier – Casablanca rapid transit line is about to open the first rapid transit line on the African continent.

For the necessary maintenance work on the large existing vehicle fleet (230 locomotives, 585 wagons, …) Autolift delivered an ESSH-320161 lifting system (16 jacks, each with a load capacity of 20 tons) for the ERAC depot in Casablanca. According to the Moroccan regulations (EN 1493 does not apply there) the static test was carried out with 50% overload on site. For this purpose, a 120 tons E1250 locomotive was lifted successful with each group of 4 jacks.

In the future, ZM and Z2M Ansaldo Breda sets will be serviced with the lifting unit in everyday life.