Another addition to our list of ‘Underfloor Lifting Systems’ in Europe is the installation of a 5-pit Underfloor Lifting System (ULS system) for maintenance of trams at a Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) depot west of Stockholm city. Total Load capacity – 75t (Bogie Lifters) 136t (Car Body Supports) The is one of Autolift’s ‘high-speed’ lifters enabling rapid maintenance activities. Working closely with the operators on-site we were able to configure the system exactly as per their requirements. The main control panel is equipped with a large HMI screen with improved detailing and offers a clear and simple visualization for operators. Using a well-placed combination of columns and lifting beams, this underfloor system is designed to lift tram-sets of two different types and hence different lifting points with the same set of lifters. This is a major advantage for depots where different vehicle types need to be serviced without requiring separate lifting systems for each. With our competent local partner for steel and concrete works, we were able to provide a comprehensive solution for our Swedish customer.