Public transport in Zagreb as we know it today would be inconceivable without trams, which have been safely driving 120 kilometers through the streets of Zagreb for more than a century.

The route network is operated by company Zagrebački Električni Tramvaj d.o.o. or better known as ZET. ZET is also responsible for the service and maintenance of the 277 trains, 142 of which are designed as low-floor trams. For this responsible task, end of 2018 a particularly low-level side pit lifting system was ordered at Autolift GmbH in Austria. Only with this specially developed system it is possible to stow the telescopic lifting jacks in a space-saving manner next to the elevated tracks with a height of 1.700mm. Thanks to a stroke of 1.375mm, the wagons can still be raised to a height of approx. 3m above ground level, so that the bogies can be dismantled and passed under the raised vehicle and be exchanged.

The system was put into operation by Autolift in 2019 and officially handed over to ZET. Since then, it has been the heart of the modernized ZET depot in Spremište Trešnjevka. a.