In our regular contacts with practical users and responsible persons of depots, we often like to discuss about the optimization and simplification of workflows. We love this environment. Here we find out exactly where the issue is located and where the problems lie in practice.

One of the problems we were faced with related to the efficient, yet cost-effective installation of window panes in rail vehicles. Until then, cranes were used to manipulate these parts, which weigh up to 250kg but are sensitive to scratching and breakage, or scaffolding was built and the panes were moved by muscle power.


  • This case – and a few others – led to the development of the MasterLift. This is a universally applicable, self-propelled carrier vehicle that can be equipped with various manipulators or add-on parts. The following activities can thus be carried out:
  • Working above pits – Since the MasterLift does not have a trolley with roller arms like conventional lifting ants, it can drive up to the edge of the pit and lift loads in or out of the pit.
  • Replacement or installation of window panes and doors by just one person
  • Replacement of the vehicle batteries weighing up to 400kg
  • Pallet transport: pallets can also be picked up sideways, as the MasterLift does not require any cumbersome roller extensions
  • Exchange of buffers and couplers
  • Transport of wheelsets
  • Working under load: Since the MasterLift lifts by means of a self-locking spindle, in contrast to forklifts – also from a labor law point of view – work can be carried out under the load