Special solutions

Experience has shown that even a customer specific solution can become even more specific.

IME-Autolift can look back on several extra special solutions that proofed to be a special challenge. So for we were always able to meet them and we are looking forward to yours.

 Beside that we do offer some special add-ons to our systems

• Master/Slave Systems
Master/Slave System (one control panel on each side of the rails that communicate wireless or with one control cable. Therefore, none or only one control cable is crossing the rails. Furthermore due to 2 control panels available a system can be split into 2 independent subsystems.

• Wireless Control
Wireless control (wireless operation and control via secure and safe industry standard wireless system). The jacks will be controlled and operated wireless. Only a power cable necessary. click here

• Battery Powered Lifting
Battery powered Lifting. In combination with a wireless control a completely cable free system is possible. No cable canals in the depot anymore and complete flexibility of use. click here

• Double Spindle
A special development where one spindle is powering the lifting of the wagon like usual and the second spindle is responsible for the lowering of the bogie.
So it’s possible to separate wagon and bogie with one and the same lifting jack. click here

• Explosion Proof
For use in mines, paint or glue booth we offer the possibility to deliver the system explosion proof. The triggering of an explosion will be prevented and the use in areas with explosion hazard.