The Company IME – AUTOLIFT Railway Lifting Equipment

High, Higher, Highest. That’s the motto of IME-Autolift

As a company family owned in the 3rd generation we have more than 30 years of lifting experience and high, higher, highest always was our passion.

From the notion to make trains fly IME-Autolift matured to one of the leading manufactures for railway lifting equipment.

Everything starts with in house planning and development along with in house production. Just putting outsourced-parts together would not satisfy our standard. We do develop custom made solutions that we will manufacture in our own facility. So we are able to guarantee the quality of the used parts and can also satisfy a fast and reliable spare parts supply.

Another “credo” of your development is the use of open source software and components for your PLC-control. The customer has access to the software and can, if need be, implement changes by himself. Furthermore, most components are locally available reducing down times due to spare part availability or software changes.

We want returning customers due to quality, flexibility and innovation and not due to closed systems.

Our portfolio consist of mobile lifting jacks, underfloor systems. Bogie solutions along with turntables and lifting-turning devices. Therefore, we are a one hand solution provider for the railway industry.

With more than 200 projects globally and references from most rolling stock OEMs, a global sales and service network IME-Autolift as a reliable partner for all areas of railway lifting.

Trains might never fly, but with our lifting systems it’s getting close.